What an excellent piece, Richard. I love how you have woven in Seneca to the discussion around web3. Fits perfectly. I have been attempting to do the same thing with Gottfried Leibniz and St. Thomas Aquinas. One of the primary qualities of web3 and digital assets that you get at in this essay is the *timelessness* of them. This sometimes gets discussed as "immutability," but often with a libertarian tone rather than in the classical sense of timeless beauty.

Why does web3 seem so dehumanizing? What does financialization of culture really mean? It certainly can seem pretty bleak on the surface and in the popular mind. But I think you are right in suggesting that it is possible that it can be reframed? Is it possible that there is a great beauty hidden in this somehow, that we can't see yet?

The quote from Ralph Koster about the opposition of price and community, goes along exactly with what I have written about the intrinsic value of digital assets. https://cryptoleibniz.substack.com/p/intrinsic-value-model-for-digital


Price coordination is opposed to internal coordination, as supply is to demand. Price and internal coordination are the fundamental dynamics in the economy of digital media. And internal coordination does not rely on price at all. I believe that the whole purpose of digital media is to teach us this internal coordination. Content determines price, and price does not determine content.

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Wonderful article! Enjoy… https://spalterdigital.com/

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Love how in-depth this is and your appreciation for the Generative Arts. I noticed Galaxy has collected some hard to find Manoloide's too on Feral File which was great to see!

I'm not sure if they are aware but there are 1/8 and 1/10 along with other 1/80 Manoloide's which are not widely known about yet on Hicetnunc for relatively cheap prices. Especially the 1/8's and 1/10's. Just wanted to share since I know y'all are looking for the top of Generative Art and Manoloide is certainly a master.

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